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Searching for PeopleInterpreting Results
What is included in People Search?

What is included in People Search?
A People Lookup enables someone to look for or find, locate, and then connect with friends and family. This tool can be used in lieu of white pages to help you find people, lookup a phone number, search for cell numbers, find an address or phone number for people, and search for people in the US. With such an array of services, People Lookup provides more comprehensive results than the white pages, and allows People Finder to help you find people and also enables people to search for cell phone numbers. This database uses information from public records to enable people to lookup phone numbers, reverse address lookup, and other search services.

Searching for People
1 To search for a report on PeopleLookup, just type in your search criteria and hit "Search."
2Upon searching, PeopleLookup will return preliminary search results based on that criteria, allowing you to see what information is available (see below). A check mark in the phone or address field means that the information is available, while a "-" in the field means that the information is not available in public records.
3You can click on the person's name or "View Details" link to purchase all the records you see on the page, or a 24 Hour People Search Pass, or a single Background Check.

Interpreting Results (People Search)
AYour search subject as well as possible relatives, approximate age and date of birth.
BUp to 3 addresses and/or phone numbers for the individual in the same row.
CCities where the individual connected to the address/phone has previously resided.
DLink to additional reports you can purchase for the person in the corresponding row.